Youth Innovation Lab SofiaLab

The Lab was established in the framework of the project “Unlocking the potential for business and social innovations in the Danube region through increasing the knowledge and skills of young people – New Generation Skills”, implemented by Directorate “European Programmes and Projects” of SOfia Municipality and Sofia Development Association. The Lab is developed in partnership with Sofia Library.

The main goal of the lab was to build a platform between local government as a facilitator, youth organizations, educational institutions and businesses to develop the skills of the young people for innovations and entrepreneurship. The project aimed to create a network of Innovation Labs in the participating partner cities for exchange of educational programmes, training of young people (15 – 29 year-olds) and support for entrepreneurship. The results were better links between education and labour market, increase of the economic activity of the young and overcoming the emigration trend.

The lead partner of the project was the municipality of Budapest and the other partners are Prizma Foundation (Slovenia), NOWA (Austria), akzente – center for equality and regional cooperation (Austria), Intercommunity Development Association Cluj (Romania), DEX Innovation Center (Czech Republic), North-West Regional Development Agency (Romania), Institute Mihajlo Pupin (Serbia), Municipaloty of Savski Venac (Serbia). Associated partners are also the municipality of Belgrade, city of Graz and Corvinus University of Budapest Small Business Development Center.

SDA, together with SOfia Municipality, was a project partner. The project is supported by the Interreg Danube program, co-funded by the funds of the EU (ERDF, IPA),

The project activities are in support of the implementation of SOfia Youth Strategy and Sofia Smart Specialization Strategy.

  • Building a youth innovation lab can only be done through the active cooperation of all stakeholders in the city - institutions, young people, organizations, the private sector.