The Tuk-Tam Buddy Platform

The platform provides useful advice on life and administrative steps after the return of Bulgarians and foreigners to Sofia and Bulgaria, helping to make informed choices and easier adaptation. The digitalisation of Tuk-Tam Buddy has enabled new returnees and those considering returning to connect with others who have walked this path and want to volunteer to help socially, professionally and educationally. Before, users on the Here-There platform could avail themselves of various services and information but not interact with each other. With such improvements, we were able to give them such an opportunity and create an environment that stimulates helping others.

1) Enhancement of people’s profiles with the ability to mark “I want to be a Buddy” and a section that specifies which activities a person is willing to help with;
2) Development of features to search users by different criteria — place of living (city and country), educational degree and university, professional field, etc.;
3) Messaging system between users who are not connected contacts but want to communicate to connect as Buddy’s;
4) When adding a Buddy, a user can describe in a short message why they are looking for help, which will increase the chance of accepting the invitation;
5) Create a page that explains what it’s like to be a Here-There Buddy and encourages people to seek or be one;
6) Create a page to track requests to become a Buddy;
7)Privacy and security of personal data and communication also requires investment in more serious infrastructure — use of a second server for data backup, firewalls for data security, user authentication, etc.
8) Continued support for new developments and maintaining the level of data security

  • Communication between users in a network strengthens it and creates more opportunities for interaction that were not possible before.