Project “New Begging”

An important event in the capital’s calendar is the removal of the Vietnamese dormitories and the housing of newcomers in the newly constructed communal apartment buildings at the Faculty. The New Beginnings Project aims to work towards the creation of a community of newly housed families, to support their process of adaptation and fitting into the new social situation, to promote dialogue and strengthen communication within the community and between the different communities in the neighbourhood.

The project activities support the process of creating and testing mechanisms for participation of the newcomers in the local self-government. Through a “digital bridge” between an active civic organization, the local government and the residents of the neighborhood, the project is working to achieve active civic participation and the formation of self-governance structures to improve the well-being of the socially disadvantaged families housed there, ensure good management of the newly built municipal housing, and reduce the risks of the spread of COVID 19.

  • Local communities are a key factor in the social inclusion of people new to the community. The digitisation of some aspects of the project has assisted in its greater dissemination to the community and easier understanding of its objectives by a wider range of people.