“Let’s be on the same page”

Visually impaired people are one of the most vulnerable groups in society. Their access to accurate and timely information about current events is often hampered by the inaccessibility of news websites and their inability to sort out fake from real news.

The project “Let’s be on the same page” included the creation of a news portal blinfo. The content of the site is prepared by blind people for blind people, as they best understand and can talk about the problems of the target group. The news and articles focus on the issues raised by COVID 19, and what the options are to address them. Topics and issues that blind people face on a daily basis are also raised. With a project like this, we will be looking for consolidation and trying to keep the informationally “blind” on the same page as the rest of society.

  • Creating a network that is supported by blind people for blind people involves more people from the blind community in the process of creating and digesting news content, thereby raising their engagement as well as awareness of certain processes.

  • https://blinfo.bg/