Digitalizing the social enterprise of Eyes Open Ltd.

Eyes Open Ltd is a social enterprise and operates the Stanimira’s Chocolate house brand. The company has several areas of activity: it produces high-quality chocolate products by hand – candies, chocolate figures, chocolate bars and delivers to customers. The company also organizes various events such as company presentations, team building, training for small groups, sports and charity events to support social causes. Stanimira Chocolate House specializes in high quality artisan chocolates made with care and fine fresh ingredients to ensure a delicious taste in every piece. The techno-solution we implemented included the acquisition of software and hardware to develop the capacity to host online training and events: a camera and tripod, a laptop and other video equipment and software to process video content. Digitizing the company’s operations – developing an electronic ERP system and purchasing the necessary equipment. Under this activity, we implemented the purchase of a consulting service and cloud to integrate the functionality for all departments and shop in the company into one software system and devices to be used to make the system work. A consulting company was also hired to develop a professional ERP system that would offer resources and resource planning as a tool to forecast merchandise and material needs and tools to: (1) supply planning (2) production – using the innovative Foodpairing Tool (3) sales. Dedicated friendly interface, modern hardware retail system with touch screens.

  • - Digitalisation facilitates service delivery
    - Through it we have been able to involve people from different groups more actively and comfortably in the process of social enterprise work